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Beypazarı Chamber of Commerce
Our Chamber

Since 2000, almost for 10 years, we, as Beypazarı Chamber of Commerce, are acting with responsibility and awareness of our obligations to fulfill our tasks best. As the Board of Beypazarı Chamber of Commerce know that the development of our district and thus, the employment increase and increase in social welfare can be fulfilled by means of the economy. Based on this vision , we have created our website , which will be helpful for our districts and members .

The economy in the province Beypazarı involves ultimate areas such as agriculture and vegetable growing, silverwork and trona mines. Based on these characteristics and where we work intensively in recent years with the intention of Cultural Tourism , the effort of a domestic travel and foreign travel by historic houses and cave complexes of the Byzantine period and to transform our province into an open- air museum bear its first fruits. All these have reduced the impact on economic crises to some extent. As an institution that is aware of its impact on the economic life and its responsibilities and performs their tasks, our chamber play an active and dynamic role in economic issues. Since our foundation, as Beypazarı Chamber of Commerce, we have always been attentive to hold sectoral meetings and as a result of these efforts, we have enabled our other members and our districts traders to be in close relationships with KOSGEB (Small and Medium Enterprises Development Organizations ) and similar public institutions and have been a leader for the companies to brace themselves  for the economic developments.

Although the budget of Beypazarı Chamber of Commerce is limited , we have always given priority to our members and services that would be helpful for our district and attached great importance to create this website in the light of technological developments. As the founder of one of the famous bank in our country says: "A man of the proceeds, should have traces of ancestors and descendants simultaneously produced the tracks", we follow the same path , although we had no role models in front of us, we are sure that we will leave to stable and secure marks our descendants.

We, as Beypazarı Chamber of Commerce, hope that this website will contribute to the development of the economy of our district and that it will be useful and informative for our members and dear valued readers.

Kind Regards,

Beypazarı Chamber of Commerce
Board of Directors

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